Since 1972 the Women's Executive Council has recognized outstanding women who work or volunteer in Central Florida. We honored and recognized these women who work tirelessly behind the scenes, contributing unselfishly to the vitality and richness of our community.  Embracing women through these awards in their fields of expertise is a small token of gratitude for serving Central Florida.


  • Central Florida Woman of the Year: Harriett Lake
  • Business: Katie Porta, President | Quest, Inc
  • Communications/Media: Lauren Rowe, Anchor | WKMG Local 6
  • Community Service/Volunteerism: Lt. Shirley Coleman | Orlando Police Department
  • Education: Kristiann Dougherty, PhD, Professor | Valencia Community College
  • Emerging Achiever: Laura Lee Shields, Attorney | Bodiford Law Group
  • Government: Deputy Chief Sonja White | Orlando Police Department
  • Professional: Cindy Price, CFP | Price Financial Services
  • Technology: Helene Abrams, CEO/Founder | Eprentise, LLC



  • Central Florida Woman of the Year: Colleen Gallagher
  • Arts/Culture: Katherine Ramsberger
  • Business: Debra Lupton
  • Professional: Viola Posley
  • Communications/Media: Annetta Wilson
  • Community Service / Volunteerism: Yvonne Stimac
  • Education: Mary Bryant
  • Emerging Achiever: Allison Kreiger
  • Government: Ella Gilmore



  • Community Service / Volunteerism: Joan Hansen 
  • Education: Carol Ann Dykes 
  • Government: Beverly Marshall-Luney



  • Central Florida Woman of the Year: Anne Chinoda 
  • Arts/Culture: Margot Knight
  • Business: Theodora U. Venema
  • Communications/Media: Linda Byrd 
  • Community Service / Volunteerism: Sibille Pritchard 
  • Education: Sara Trollinger 
  • Government: Val Demings
  • Professional: Carmenza Gonzalez



  • Central Florida Woman of the Year: Julie Frey 
  • Arts/Culture: Tricia Earl
  • Business: Linda Stokes
  • Community Service/Volunteerism: Rachel Craig-Chaderton 
  • Education: Margaret Linnane 
  • Government: Mildred Fernandez
  • Professional: Melanie Fernandez



  • Central Florida Woman of the Year: Linda Stewart 
  • Arts/Culture: Rita Lowndes 
  • Business: Yvonne Loggins-Coleman
  • Communications/Media: Erica Lee
  • Community Service/Volunteerism: Wendy Anderson  
  • Education: Patricia Maher, PhD 
  • Government: Charlotte Stimson
  • Professional: Lynn Rose



  • Central Florida Woman of the Year: Yvette R. Brown 
  • Arts/Culture: Sarah Van Arsdel
  • Business: Beverly Hill
  • Communications/Media: Nancy Forbes
  • Community Service/Volunteerism: Betty Barnes 
  • Education: Polly Roper 
  • Professional: Monisha Seth, MD
  • Special Award: Liz Rizzo



  • Central Florida Woman of the Year: Deborah Ansbro 
  • Communications/Media:  Ann Sonntag
  • Community Service/Volunteerism: Carolyn Gallagher 
  • Special Award: Janet Rapp



  • Central Florida Woman of the Year: Dorothy Field 
  • Arts/Culture: Evelyn Thompson 
  • Community Service/Volunteerism: Pam Carman 
  • Special Award: Beverly Miller