Mentor Program

Linking today’s professionals with tomorrow’s leaders


To our mentees, congratulations on being awarded a Women’s Executive Council scholarship. To our mentors, thank you for graciously volunteering your time and talents to our current scholars.

Since 1987, Women’s Executive Council scholarships have been the turning point in many lives, especially those who have embraced and encouraged the opportunity for personal growth, self-improvement, and professional development.

The WEC Mentorship Program is designed to:

  • Support WEC’s Vision – To embrace and empower women to serve Central Florida women. Specifically, WEC’s Mentor Connect is designed to engage our scholarship recipients and member volunteers by facilitating mentorship and development opportunities.

  • Develop the WEC Characteristics for Leadership – Strategic, Courageous, Focused, Inclusive, Authentic, Influential, Diplomatic.


Rules of Engagement for Mentors & Mentees:

Expectations of the Mentee

  • Commit to a six-month engagement

  • Meet at the agreed-upon times

  • Keep all confidences between you and your mentor

  • Commit to completing any assignments and activities your mentor recommends

  • Be prepared to report the outcomes of your assignments

  •  Be receptive to coaching and feedback on factors that could positively/negatively impact your role as a business leader

  •  Be willing to evaluate the process periodically, and at closure, to review accomplishments

  • For more tips, read “Top 10 Tips for Being a Good Mentee” at


Expectations for the Mentor

  • Commit to a six-month engagement

  • Meet at the agreed-upon times

  • Keep all confidences between you and your mentee

  • Provide sound advice (assignments) in response to specific development concerns

  • Hold mentee accountable for completing assignments

  • Offer clear, constructive and honest feedback about positive factors to encourage and about negative factors to guide correction

  • Be willing to evaluate the process periodically, and at closure, to review accomplishments

  • For more tips, read “How to Be an Amazing Mentor: 12 Ways to Make a Positive Impact on Others” at


2021-2022 WEC Mentor Connect Cohort

WEC’s Mentorship Program called “Mentor Connect” is a six-month program to facilitate mentors' and mentees' relationships. WEC will host monthly Zoom calls scheduled each third Thursday of the month, beginning September 2021. These calls are designed to provide a convenient opportunity for mentors and mentees to easily meet. Following a brief welcome, mentors and mentees will be placed in breakout rooms for the balance of the call. Feel free to make these Third Thursday calls your routine time/place to convene with each other; otherwise, we give you the latitude to determine the best schedule, format, and frequency for you and your mentor/mentee.

You will receive a meeting invite for the recurring monthly Zoom meetings. 



Welcome Mentors and Mentees! Looking forward to an exciting year of growth, friendship, and accomplishments. Our sessions this year will be HIGHLY interactive with games, one-on-one, and group conversations.  We will use the Kahoot App as a fun review of the materials shared before the session for the first few minutes of each evening.  Then, we will break out into small groups for discussion on implementation.  All sessions will be on the third Thursday of each month.  WEC Mentors will be assigned in November after students and Mentors have a chance to meet and interact. 

How to Find the Right Mentor
Thursday, October 21, 2021

Mentoring provides life-long opportunities for growth. We want to help you instill this practice for use throughout your career.  This month we are discussing “How to Find the Right Mentor.”  Please click here to read this short article and listen to the 21-minute Podcast in preparation for Thursday, October 21st, Session! 

Again we will have a Kahoot game to review the ideas presented, so be sure to download the App to your phone so you can play. 

You will need to sign up for each Session each month, so we know who will be on hand. Reminder, WEC will be matching Mentees and Mentors following the October Discussion.   

WEC looks forward to meeting and working alongside you!



Thursday, September 16, 2021

WEC kicks off the Mentoring Cohort with a Meet and Greet Session that will allow Mentors and Mentees to get to know one another while honoring their NETWORKING skills.

Please watch this short video before the Session and download the Kahoot App to your phone.  The questions in the Game that evening will be from the video! Our breakout sessions follow the Game, where you give your 60-second highlight reel.  Again the video will help you with what to say. 

The FIRST meeting is from 6 - 7 pm. Be prepared to VOTE if this is the BEST time to meet.  Other options: 5-6 pm; 5:30-6:30 pm; or 6:30-7:30 pm. 

Thursday, October 21, How to Find the Right Mentor

Thursday, November 18, Goal Setting

Thursday, December 16, Time Management Work-Life Balance

Thursday, January 20, Not Just About Getting a Job, But Keeping It Part 1

      • Interpersonal Skills
        • Emotional Intelligence
        • Dealing with Difficult People
        • Conflict Resolution
        • Interaction

Thursday, February 17, Not Just About Getting a Job, But Keeping It Part 2

      • Personal Habits
      • Ethics
      • Confidentiality
      • Reputation

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