ARTICLE I. Policies provide guidance (1) which are related to the details of the administration of a society rather than to parliamentary procedure, and (2) which can be adopted or changed upon the same conditions as any ordinary act of the council. A standing rule can be adopted by a majority vote at any business meeting without previous notice.

ARTICLE II. The monthly meetings of WOMEN’S EXECUTIVE COUNCIL, INC. (WEC) shall be held the second Wednesday of each month at 11:30 am in a location designated by the board. Council members in good standing pay $30 by noon on the Monday prior to the meeting is $30 for members. Guests and late member registration after 12-noon on the Monday prior to the meeting pay $35. Attendees are to pay for the meeting whether or not they eat lunch. Members who made a reservation and did not attend the meeting will receive an invoice for $30.

Board meetings are held at 6:00 pm on the third Thursday of the month at a location determined by the board. All members are welcome to join the board for this meeting.  Reservations for lunch must be made by noon the Monday prior to the meeting. Free parking adjacent to the showroom.


ARTICLE III. The annual meeting will be held at the Holiday Party in December, at which time the gavel will be turned over to the new President. The President and the new officers will be installed at this meeting.


ARTICLE IV. The following Standing Committees shall be appointed by the President and shall be for a one-year term:


By-laws: Responsible for amending necessary changes to by-laws and policies for members to review.

Cards and Flowers: Responsible for sending out cards and occasionally flowers to members for birthdays and other life events.

Community Outreach: Acts as liaison for WEC sponsored not-for-profit organization. Organizes applications/recommendations not-for-profit organizations for year-end donations.


  1. Non-profit organization, business or individual groups may apply.
  2. Member can nominate a maximum of two (2) organizations and each must be submitted in separate email
  3. Must provide printed literature about your non-profit group or a letter on company letterhead describing the services the non-profit provides and a brief description or your organization.
  4. The non-profit's mission statement.
  5. Letter of recommendation from one or more WEC members.
  6. No non-human organizations except for service animals
  7. Local chapters/organizations only
  8. Organization cannot have received funds from WEC in last 3 years.


Escapes: Responsible for organizing social outings for members. Sends information to the President, Internal Communications chair, Newsletter chair and Marketing chairs for posting.

External Communications: Responsible for sending press releases to media to announce meetings, events, and milestones promoted by WEC. Outgoing press releases to be sent from the [email protected] GoDaddy mailbox. Ongoing update of current media addresses will be added or deleted from the “Active” distribution list.

Internal Communications: Responsible for daily communication through the GoDaddy email account by sending out notices and reminders for council and board meetings.

  • Forwards incoming email to appropriate officers.
  • Creates folder for monthly reservations
  • Forwards all guest reservations to board members
  • Forwards all new member applications to membership chair and president
  • Use Constant Contact for all outgoing communication to members and guests
  • Updates contact list in CRM database on an ongoing basis

Marketing: Responsible for the WEC brand, website, Facebook, and any collateral needed for the organization and events. The Board of Directors has final approval on any collateral materials to keep the WEC brand intact.

Membership Outreach: Responsible for membership outreach by acting as a liaison to guests and new members.

  • Presents new applicants at the monthly board meeting.
  • Orders name tags.
  • Welcomes new members to monthly council meetings and present them with their nametag and membership packet.
    • Left Panel: Welcome letter & current newsletter
    • Right Panel: WEC rack card, By-laws, Policies
  • Assists with updating annual member directory and distribution lists in Constant Contact.        

Newsletter: Responsible for the monthly newsletter. The newsletter includes WEC logo, slogan, mission statement, President’s message, speaker’s photo and biography, escapes, council minutes, members and guest in attendance, Corporate Partner’s message, sponsor ads, list of board members, birthdays, Bridge information and any other important information. The newsletter will be sent out to the members by the Internal Communications chair and posted online by the Marketing chair by the first of the month.

Programs: Responsible for securing the monthly speaker. Sends the photo, biography and topic to the President, Internal Communications, External Communications, Marketing chair and Newsletter chair two months in advance for proper promotion. Introduces and presents a gift to the guest speaker at monthly meetings.

Treasurer / Monthly Reservations: Responsible for council meeting registration. Will act as liaison to hosting location for meetings. Report registration numbers to the meeting location by noon on the Monday prior to the council meeting.

Women’s Achievement Awards: Responsible for chairing the event and lead committee to execute a successful event. Dates and location to be determined by the chair and board members.

ARTICLE V. Annual events to be held by WEC are as follows: Women’s Achievement Awards and any additional board approved fundraising events. Each event will have a chair and committee and will report their progress on a monthly basis to the board and regular basis to the members.


ARTICLE VI. Women’s Achievement Awards

The Women’s Achievement Awards (WAA) is an event designed to award scholarships to women in college and to honor outstanding women in the community who have contributed to the uniqueness and richness of our community.

 1) Student Scholarships:

  • Scholarships will be awarded at the WAA luncheon to students attending the University of Central Florida, Valencia College, Seminole State College, Rollins College and Florida Institute of Technology. The amount and number of scholarships are determined by the board. 
  • Scholarships will be awarded on the basis of GPA, community involvement, and goals and ambitions. 
  • Scholarship chair is responsible for organizing applications, creating a spreadsheet of applicant’s name, demographics, email address, college, GPA, and major.

 2) Nominees

  • Outstanding women who work, volunteer or study in the Central Florida area will be recognized in the following suggested categories:  Woman of the Year, Arts/Culture, Business, Communications/Media, Community Service/Volunteerism, Education, Emerging Leader, Government and Technology or any other category that is deemed by the nomination’s committee with a maximum of twelve (12) awards.  These women will be recognized for their tireless work contributing unselfishly to the enrichment of our community. They may be nominated by WEC members and/or their peers. WEC Board members are ineligible for these awards.
  • Nominations chair is responsible for organizing applications, creating a spreadsheet of applicant’s name, title, company, email address and demographics.

ARTICLES VII. Financial Policies

1) All events are to have a basic budget, which is approved by the board prior to planning the event. No expenses are to be incurred for WEC unless the expense is included in an approved budget or specifically approved by the President. The Treasurer or Co-Treasurer will send last year’s expense line items (or a template if a new event) to the event chairperson(s) no less than 60 days prior to the event. The budget will then be prepared by the chairperson(s) and presented to the Board at least 30 days prior to the event. Any major changes to the budget after approval (an increase of over $50) should be communicated to the President and Treasurer via email. Any increase over $50 and under $200 may be approved by them via email. Any change over $200 will then be emailed by the President to the Board for a vote.

2) All monies are to be accounted for by Executive Board members or Co-Treasurer only. There may be occasions that will require exceptions to this rule. For example, if someone other than the above is filling in for the check-in desk at a monthly meeting or event.

3) All monies are to be turned over to the Treasurer within seven (7) days after a meeting or event in order to be deposited into the bank. An accounting should be presented to the board within two weeks (or a reasonable time frame) after each event. This accounting should be prepared by the Treasurer with the assistance of the event chairperson(s).

4) All event supporters will be asked to make the checks payable to the WEC SEF (Scholarship & Endowment Fund). All event checks will be deposited into the SEF account. All expenses related to fundraisers will be paid out of the SEF account.

5) Approved event expenses should be submitted to the Treasurer for payment by check. Any expenses paid by event chairpersons to be reimbursed must be on the approved budget as noted in (1) above.

6) Monies for every major event are to be handled by the Treasurer or Co-Treasurer. However, any member can serve as Finance Manager for a major event and collect admission to Wine and Dine, etc. At the end of the event, the monies are turned over to the Treasurer or Co-Treasurer (or their designee) to be deposited.

7) The Treasurer has a copy of the tax-exempt certificate for WEC. This certificate should be used when purchasing any supplies for WEC in order to save paying sales taxes.

8) No one should attend a meeting or event without payment at or before the event except in rare cases.


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Approved: 03/2012

Revised: 02/2013

Revised: 11/11/2015