Guest Speaker

MARCH 14, 2018


Business Strategist, Author & Professional Integral Coach

Sharon Spano helps business leaders and entrepreneurs maximize critical systems to accelerate performance and profitability. As a Behavioral Strategist with a PhD in Human and Organizational Systems, Sharon leads her clients through specific research-based practices that empower them to realign their business strategy with a life of meaning and purpose.

“While there are many ways that we go about this process of change, the ultimate goal is to empower my clients to view their life and business through a systemic lens. Once they learn to embody this level of knowledge, I find that everything else accelerates, but it does so in a way that allows for more focus, balance, freedom, and purpose. These leaders are then keenly positioned to dramatically grow their businesses and still enjoy life along the way.”

Sharon is also the author of The Pursuit of Time and Money: Step into Radical Abundance and Discover the Secret to a Meaningful and Prosperous Life (2017).  

Topic: Radical Abundance and The Cycle of Freedom

What if your beliefs about time and money are keeping you from living your biggest life?

Are you feeling like no matter how hard you work, there’s never enough time to get it all done? Or does it seem like no matter how much money you make, there’s always a surprise demand that robs you of hard-earned dollars? Join us, then, as Sharon unravels the limiting perspectives that result in self-sabotage and defeat.

Based on cutting-edge research in the field of human development, Sharon will help you transform your relationship with time and money so that you can experience a healthier approach to these two most important resources. Learn key practices and strategies guaranteed to help you produce greater joy and prosperity in every area of your life.



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  • Eryka Washington | Ninth Judicial Circuit Office of the State Attorney's Office
  • Secily Wilson | The WOW Legacy Group, LLC


  • Cyndia Morales Muñiz, EdD, Assistant Director of Multicultural Academic & Support Services | University of Central Florida
  • Kari Conley, Director, Community Relations | Orlando Health
  • Diane O'Dell, President of Community & Diversity Relations & Executive Director of the Foundation | Universal Orlando
  • Maryann Barry, CEO | Girl Scouts of Citrus
  • Lieutenant General Mark Hertling, Retired Army, Senior Vice President, Global Partnering, Leadership Development & Health Performance Strategies  | Florida Hospital
  • Michelle Brady Palmer, Manager, Community Engagement | SeaWorld Parks & Resorts Orlando
  • Barbara Jenkins, EdD, Superintendent | Orange County Public Schools
  • Joie Cadle, Elected Board Member, Orange County Public Schools, 2017 WEC Woman of the Year